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Reach more customers.

Generate more sales.

Delivery by Gesture. Become a Partner.

Free to Sign-up. $0 Monthly fees.

We Never Take a Commission.

One hour gift delivery NYC flower delivery NYC last minute flowers 30 minute wine delivery NYC gift delivery NYC

Smart. Personal. Professional.
Delivery & Logistics Partner
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Broader Reach

Gesture has partnered with over 10,000+ bodegas, small and large flower shops, plant stores, grocers, and liquor stores, providing local businesses an opportunity to compete in the on-demand delivery space to reach more customers and expand your business.

No Revenue Sharing

Only pay a flat rate plus an affordable mileage fee.  Increase the amount of money you make per order with the convenience of having it delivered to your customer. Our rates our better and more competitive than any other delivery service available in the market. We consider and treat our vendors like a partner.  

Making a Bouquet
Paying at the Store

We Know Your Industry

Gesture began as a mobile gifting application, delivering flowers, top shelf wine, champagne and other delicate products and gifts. Our G-Runners know your business better than any other courier service out there. We actually understand that there is a big difference between handling and delivering a Variegated Monstera Deliciosa, and a ham, egg and cheese on a roll.



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Tell Us About Your Business

Start by signing up and creating your free business account.


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Enter Order and Delivery Details

Enter pick-up/delivery location, who it's for, and what we'll be delivering.


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We'll Dispatch & Deliver On-Demand

Pay a flat rate plus a mileage fee, and let Gesture handle the rest!


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Keep Track of Every Order

Receive status updates on our G-Tracker user friendly technology.

One hour gift delivery NYC flower delivery NYC last minute flowers 30 minute wine delivery NYC gift delivery NYC

Sign up for free and start delivering today

Utilize Gesture's on-demand delivery to connect to your customers and grow your business without sharing revenue

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